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Freestanding Water Cooler Dispenser 20L-BN6
  Model:  YLR2-5-X(20L-BN6)
Hot and cold water dispenser, freestanding/floor standing
Integrated with a 20 liters opaque-door fridge in bottom
Microchip controlled, VFD display
Freely setting heating/cooling temperature
Freely setting on/off time
Compressor cooling water cooler
Heating watt: 465W
Cooling watt: 110W
Heating capacity: >=90Deg. C, >=5L/H
Cooling capacity: <=10Deg. C, >=2L/H
G.W./N.W.: 23.0/21.0KG
Dimensions: 36x31x95CM
Packing size: 38.5x38.5x99CM
FCL20'/40': 180/360PCS

* Over 60,000 units of this and the benchtop cooler were sold to Australia by us.

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