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Brentorma is one of the recognized leaders in the design and manufacture of bottled and point of use water dispensers and water coolers in China. Each Brentorma water dispenser and water cooler is designed and manufactured to be durable, easy to service and clean for a pure drinking experience for the end user.

1. Water Guard
   - With quality sealer
   - Firm fixing
   - Easy to remove
   - 5 micron air filter

2. ABS Case
   - Virgin material
   - Anti-bactieria
   - FDA approved
   - Easy to clean

3. Water Tap
   - Quality sealer
   - Easy to change
   - Push type and children
   - Safety type optional

4. Drip Tray
   - Non-spill
   - Easy to remove

5. SPCC/SS Side Panels
   - 0.8-1mm thick, strong support

6. Stainless Steel Cold Reservoir
   - Poper 304 stainless steel
   - One piece stretched type
   - Probe and sleeve cooling
   - Removal insulation

7. Stainless Steel Hot Tank
   - Efficient heating and consistent temperature control
   - Automatic reset
   - Dry-heating prevention safety assurance
   - Air outlet avoids high pressure inside
   - Easy to clean
   - Easy to service

8. Motor-Compressor
   - Low noise
   - High efficiency
   - VDE, UL/C-UL safety approved

9. Fuseholder
   - Fuse inside, safety assurance
   - Easy to replace (fuse)

10. Ionpure Antimicrobial Solution
All the plastic parts which the dispensing water may contact are injected with Ionpure antimicobial agent. Ionpure is an inorganic antimicrobial agent, FDA and NSF approved. Main ingredient of antimicrobial efficacy is silver, which exhibits effect by released as ion. This silver ion is extremely small about the  size of 100 nm, however, efficacy is achieved by attacking bacteria accurately and then protecting the dispensing area from bacterial proliferation. Such mechanism is called "Nanobiotechnology" and Ionpure is an antimicrobial agent which handles such technology fully.

Antimicrobial Mechanism

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